Rug Doctor Rental vs. Astonize Carpet Cleaner Rental


Better Machine. Better Clean.

We often get asked what makes our carpet cleaner rentals different than the typical Rug Doctor Rental you get at the grocery or home hardware store here in Edmonton. It’s an easy answer. Not only do we provide excellent service every time we deliver a carpet cleaner, we also work with one of the top-rated carpet cleaner machines available on the market today.
Our carpet cleaner of choice is the Bissell BG10 Commercial Carpet Extractor. This machine was designed from the ground up to do two things. Deep clean carpets and be easy to operate, and does both very well. Between its 2 powerful motors for deep cleaning and its 2 portable containers for dirty and clean water this machine is much more effective and easier to use than the competition.
At Astonize we’ve rented out this carpet cleaner hundreds of times and have had zero complaints about it. And the only comments we get are about how easy it is to fill and empty and how great of a job it does getting deep into the carpet. It’s simply a great carpet cleaner and perfect for any clean, healthy home.
Here is a list we’ve compiled after spending a few hours comparing our machine vs the common Rug Doctor Rental you see at most grocery and home hardware stores.
Astonize Carpet Cleaner Rentals prides itself on providing the best possible service. As mentioned in the image above we thoroughly sanitize our machines after every rental. We’re amazed out how much debris that our machines pickup after one use. Thankfully we clean these machines so they are perfect for the next customer. I can’t imagine the amount of debris and hair that is in your typical Rug Doctor Rental you get elsewhere that isn’t also thoroughly cleaned after every use. Scary to think about.
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