Our Machines Are Cleaned After Every Use


All of our Carpet Cleaners are thoroughly cleaned after every rental. A rental from Astonize is infinitely cleaner than one from any hardware or grocery store.

As our machines offer an immense amount of cleaning power it’s common for them to get fairly dirty after every use. Unlike other stores, Astonize goes through and individually cleans each machine by hand.

Our 30 minute cleaning process involves:

  • Removing any and all debris from the large power brush
  • Timed hot water cleaning of the dirty water reservoir in our commercial dishwasher
  • Comprehensive removal of dirt from both the machine as well as the accessory tool brush.

When you rent a Carpet Cleaner from Astonize you get one that is like new and ready to go. Questions? Let us know and we’ll be happy to help!


Astonize Carpet Cleaner Rentals

We provide FREE same day delivery of premium carpet cleaners to the Edmonton Area.

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