Carpet Cleaning Tips for the Cold Months

Carpet Cleaning Tips for the Cold Months_oct

Sadly summer is officially over! The kids are back in school and thanksgiving is now around the corner which means that the first snowfall is not too far off. With that comes the challenge of keeping your carpets clean during the months when snow is on the ground and the roads are covered in salt and sand.

As we do recommend a deep carpet cleaning every 3-6 months it’s still imperative that you regularly maintain your carpets with general cleaning against the elements. Here are a few tips from Astonize Carpet Cleaner Rentals so you can get the most out of your home’s carpets:

1. Vacuum often. No matter what you do or how hard you try there will always be dirt that gets inside your home. Be sure to vacuum the high traffic areas of your home at least once a day to protect and clean your carpets.

2. Be ready for stains. Salt and dirt stains can be troublesome down the road if not cleaned promptly and correctly. Always have some type of spot remover readily available so that you can clean any stained areas quickly. We recommend Astonize Spot Remover that is tough on most types of stains.

3. Buy some house mats. Keep some doormats handy for the entry-points of your home. Not only are doormats designed to help remove the dirt and snow off your footwear, but they help trap all the debris you bring in from outside. They are also easy to clean as well.

4. Do not wear your shoes inside. This is pretty self explanatory and a tip that should be followed year round. Don’t wear any outdoor footwear indoors for obvious reasons. Just imagine the places you’ve been to with your footwear and then imagine tracking all that into your carpets. No thanks!

5. Shovel your snow. There is no better way to keep snow and dirt outside than making sure you promptly clear out your sidewalk after every heavy snowfall. This will help remove any dirt and debris your footwear would pickup directly outside your home.

6. Replace the air filter in your furnace. One thing a lot of people don’t do but helps a ton is regularly changing the air filter in their home. This will help with any dryness and excess dust that accumulates in your home when it’s cold outside and all your windows are closed.

7. Deep Clean your carpets. Astonize Carpet Cleaner Rentals has the perfect solution for affordable deep carpet cleaning in Edmonton. We deliver top of the line carpet cleaner rentals in and around Edmonton.

These tips will help you keep a clean and dirt free home during our long winter months. Have any of your own tips? Let us know in the comment section below!


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