About Our Carpet Cleaner Rental

$54.99 For a 24 Hour Rental

We deliver and pickup the Rental for FREE!

No deposit required. Payment accepted upon delivery.

About our Carpet Cleaner Rental

$54.99 For A 24 Hour Carpet Cleaner Rental

No deposit required. Payment accepted upon delivery.

Carpet Cleaner Rental Done Right

We are 100% Customer Driven and focused on the best possible service

At Astonize we pride ourselves on giving great customer service. Our whole business revolves around providing the best experience possible when ordering a carpet cleaner rental. We want to make carpet cleaning easy, effortless and affordable while still maintaining a high level of customer satisfaction.


All of this goes hand in hand with our machines. With an Astonize Carpet Cleaner Rental you can expect a machine that works. Not only that, but one that is top-rated among its peers. Our premium Bissell BG10 machines have gone up against the best the competition has to offer and has knocked them out of the park in terms of cleaning power and efficiency time after time.

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In addition to that, we clean and maintain each machine after every use. Our team expertly goes through and sanitizes the roller-brushes, the dirty water tank and accessory tool to ensure that you always get a clean carpet cleaning machine!


Of course what sets us apart the most from the standard grocery or hardware store rental is that we include FREE delivery and pickup anywhere in Edmonton and area. There's no more hassle trying to lug around a giant carpet cleaner to your car. We bring the machine to your door, show you how to use it if needed and then pick it up when you're finished. Simple, easy and effortless.


Interested in trying us out? Astonize Carpet Cleaners can have a cleaner delivered right to your door within 60 minutes depending on location and orders in the queue.


Want to get started? Rentals starting at $54.99


We are currently delivering across Edmonton & Area